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Action No-Energy

Stop power theft!

Save money!

Protect the environment!

Aktion No-Energy

A lot of household and office appliances use power even when they appear to be turned  off! The new journal “AudioVideoFoto-BILD” reported in its December 2003 edition that the amount of electricity used by a non-running television set can incur annual costs of up to 3,50 Euro, a DVD player up to 10 Euro, DVD recorder up to 32,61 Euro and a loudspeaker system up to 70 Euro And this is only the tip of the iceberg! According to the German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), more than 4 billion Euro (Dated: 2006) are wasted annually in this manner and the trend is on rise!


New - CeBIT 2010 !

Stromsparerplakette COMPUTERBILD

Since 2004 exist the “Stromsparer-Plakette”

Now follows the new
energy note.

No Energy

we demand:

  • Every electrical and electronic device must have a power switch, that is easy to reach and see and clearly marked!
  • A device that is turned off with this switch should not consume any power!
  • In standby-modus the device needs less than 1 Watt.

Switch off with comfort

 Money Saver

Geldsparleiste mit Komfort

Action No-Energy
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Join Action No-Energy to save money and protect environment. Here you can find the energy consumption of tested devices....

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